Virtually any interior decorator you should ask will tell you that there are few design additions that do more for a room, with less expense, than adding an area rug. An area rug, placed alongside stone, hardwood, tile or laminate flooring is great for creating contrasts in color and texture in your living spaces. In addition, adding an area rug also cuts down on the wear and tear on your original flooring, especially in high traffic areas. This is why adding area rugs to your design scheme can often be a tremendously cost effective method of perfecting the look and feel of your interior design project.

The multitude of options available when choosing an area rug component to your design scheme can often make it difficult to decide on just what options to choose. The fact is that there are so many rug materials and styles on the market that it typically comes down to individual taste and need.

Sisal is a natural fiber derived from the sisal plant. It’s stronger and more durable than flax, jute, and even hemp, making it an ideal rug material. Owing to these facts it’s been used for just such a purpose for thousands of years. Sisal rugs have been found in the ancient pyramids of Egypt. A sisal rug is a woven style area rug and is usually a natural, light brown or greenish hue in color. They can be bleached or dyed, however, and are often fitted with a canvas or leather border, and rubber or other type of skid resistant backing.

Oriental area rugs are a very popular choice too. The term Oriental rug generally refers to thick, ornate wool rugs with intricate dyed designs. This type of area rug ranges in cost from very inexpensive to artful masterpieces costing tens of thousands of dollars. Persian rugs are perhaps the most popular Oriental rug style, sporting flowing, mid-eastern designs and a thick, warm feel. When properly cared for, these rugs can provide generations of usefulness and beauty.


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