Hot Water Extraction

Many people have never heard of hot water extraction when it comes to carpet cleaning methods. This is primarily due to the fact that companies such as Stanley Steemer have propagated the more popular term of “steam cleaning” to describe this method instead. The bottom line is it doesn’t matter what you call it. What is important for you as a homeowner to understand is that hot water extraction is by far the preferable carpet cleaning method on the market, superior to all other methods.

There are some other, less expensive methods that are used for carpet cleaning, but there is really only one way to get the carpets satisfactorily cleaned, and that is hot water extraction. For proof of this fact, one need only look to the carpet industry itself for clues as to which method is the best for your carpets and upholstery. Virtually every major carpet manufacturer recommends and often requires for warranty reasons that you use hot water extraction to maintain the cleanliness of your home carpeting. Another indication of the superiority of this method is that practically every major carpet cleaning company, from Stanley Steemer on down the line, employs hot water extraction as their method of choice.
The term “steam cleaning” is somewhat of a erronous label when it comes to describing how hot water extraction works. The fact is there is little or no steam involved as a primary cleaning component. Instead of actual steam, hot water and cleaning agents are propelled into your carpet pile at high pressure to where they loosen up the dirt, soil, and grime embedded in the carpet fibers. Immediatley following this a high powered vacuum removes the hot water, and all the dirt, grime and stains in your carpet right along with it.


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