Tips to Keep Your Carpet Clean

Perth carpet cleaning for beautification and removal of dirt, grit and stains can be achieved by different methods including both traditional as well as modern ways. A clean carpet is always more visually pleasing and has a potential to last longer. A clean carpet is a healthier carpet in comparison to the poorly maintained carpets. Carpets need cleaning or need to be vacuumed once a week and sometimes more frequently if those areas are used more. You must take out time to clean the carpet. There may be spots, spills or odours. All of these can get difficult to remove over time. When the carpet is left un-cleaned all the dirt, oils and grease gets absorbed leaving behind a strong odour.


Attack all the dirt immediately: as soon as you notice a spill or spot on the carpet, you should soon start treating the carpet. The spills if not treated can quickly become stains that are hard to remove. You can use a towel to blot at the spill so that it can absorb as much as possible. Prevent the mess or spill from spreading. You could use any gentle or mild cleaning agents to remove the leftover spill from the carpet. Use a liquid carpet cleaner Perth to saturate the spilled area and blot it using a towel to remove the stain. Avoid rubbing as it may lead to a deeper penetration of the spill.


Regular vacuum: vacuuming helps in removing small particulate matter and all the dirt that has been sitting on the carpet. Before steam cleaning you must vacuum the carpet well. This is because more dirt in the carpet will create more mud for the steam cleaner to combat. So it is better that through vacuum you remove as much of dust as possible. You must vacuum in several different directions rather than just one direction. This ensures a much better removal. Frequently change the bag and filter to allow maximum and best suction from the vacuum.


Steam carpet cleaning Perth: you could either do it yourself or hire a professional to do the same for you. There are steam cleaning machines that you can rent, but you may also buy one for yourself. You should use the carpet cleaning solutions that have specifically been made for your carpet by its manufacturer for best results. Steam cleaning is nothing but hot water extraction by applying high pressure and vacuuming of a detergent or water mixture. It works great to remove stains and they come with sprays that are like pre-treatments for the carpets. This will ensure that it takes lesser time for you to get the job done. Try using it in all directions to absorb as much water as possible. If the carpet stays wet for long it will start to smell which you do not want.


Odours: dirt carpets often start to smell over time. Vacuuming and carpet freshening sprays can be well used to remove the smell and freshen the carpet. All you have to do is sprinkle them on the carpet. Baking soda is the main ingredient in most of the carpet fresheners. It has a good ability to absorb all the odours. Steam cleaning is also a way removing bad odour by eliminating its bacterial source itself. Vinegar is also a good way.


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Rex Seline has several years of experience in cleaning industry and loves to share about DIY tips and new cutting edge technologies. Currently, she is working for Melita Cleaning, a carpet cleaning company in perth.


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