Carpet Cleaning Tips

Keeping your carpet clean is one of the most challenging aspects of the care process. Whether you have small children, animals, or none of the above, keeping a good carpet clean takes both a range of precautionary measures alongside fast acting redress where spillages do occur to ensure minimal stains and damage. Whether we like it or not, it?s a fact of life that our carpets are going to take a hammering from the daily wear and tear of family life, so it?s important to have a few carpet cleaning tips up your sleeve for when the worst does finally happen.

Prevention Better Than Cure?
One of the main ways to ensuring long-lasting carpet cleanliness is to take measures to prevent the damage from occurring in the first place. Whilst it might seem like a pernickety old wives tale, taking your shoes off at the door really can have a tangible impact on the longevity of your particular carpet. Of course, you?d be ill-advised to require this of guests to your home, but where possible ensuring you don?t track mud or dirt through the house can be one of the first steps towards protecting your carpet for the long-haul.

If you have kids, you?ll know just how much of a mess they can make in any room. If you have kids and an expensive carpet, that?s just a recipe for disaster. Make sure that where you are looking to protect a specific carpet you brief your kids on what they can and cannot do, such as no colouring pens or crayons on the floor, or no food. That way (provided you have obedient children), you can minimise the risk to your carpet and prevent the damage spillages can do in the first place.

Likewise if you?re setting rules for your kids you should set rules for yourself ? no more red wine in the lounge, and no more smoking near the carpet. The stains from red wine, as many of us are unfortunately only too aware, whilst nicotine can do untold damage to carpeting and soft furnishings throughout your home.

Cleaning Tips
When it does come to having to clean your carpet, there are a number of effective tips for doing so. Firstly, if red wine?s your problem, you have two really good options for shifting that stain, but only if you act immediately ? white wine, and table salt. Pouring white wine on top of the red wine might seem like carpet suicide, but actually it?s a good way of shifting the red wine that might have settled enabling you to clean up more effectively. If you can?t bear to waste even more wine, try apply a covering of table salt to your carpet. The salt will draw the wine from the carpet, absorbing much of the stain, before you have to simply run it over with the vacuum cleaner before saying goodbye to that stain.

As for more general carpet cleaning tips, it?s important to try and clean carpets regularly as opposed to simply vacuuming. That means applying shampoo or steam cleaning the carpet, which will almost certainly require some kind of specialist equipment. However if you?re serious about your carpeting, that?s a small price to pay to ensure a long-life and vibrant, rich appearance for as long as possible.


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