Tips to maintain your Old Carpet as good as new

It is necessary to maintain your old carpets daily to make it look as good as new.  Naturally carpets get soiled and worn out in course of time, but well maintained carpets provide hygiene as well as remain good for a longer duration of time. Here are few tips to maintain your carpet as good as new.

Entry mat to avoid loose dirt

Entry mat is necessary to avoid loose dirt and mud from entering into the room. This helps to maintain a cleaner carpet; also it protects the fibers from dulling and abrasion which are usually caused by loose soil or mud. The appearance and value of the carpet can be preserved if dirt is kept away regularly.

Modify Traffic patterns

Modify the arrangement of furniture pattern periodically and this change in traffic pattern can prolong the life of carpet. Furniture of heavy weight such as settee and sofas can crush or damage the carpet pile.  You could find deep indentations in carpet where heavy furniture legs were resting; by spraying little water on the affected area you can solve out this problem. Always use a pile grooming brush to raise or lift the compressed pile.


Keep away color destroying products from carpets

Medications such as syrup when spilled on carpet may stain the carpet and form as spots, so it is better to keep them at bay from carpet. Also chemicals and cosmetic can cause discoloration to the carpet. These products doesn’t show any color change immediately, but can change the color of carpet in course of time ranging from weeks to months.


Vacuum Frequently

More than 80% of the dirt is dry type and regular vacuuming helps to remove it completely. Starting from entry mats to carpets, regular vacuuming can help your old carpet to be as good as new one. Grit and dirt get embedded into your carpet’s pile daily, so vacuuming regularly helps to remove this from carpet. Daily vacuuming is necessary in highly dusty or traffic areas, also check the vacuum bags for dirt and dispose it regularly. Change the vacuum bag when it becomes worn out.

Maintaining your carpet regularly helps you to preserve your carpet as good as new for long time. Moreover it also helps to sustain the hygiene in home or at office.


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