Selecting a Carpet For Your Home

Carpets change the way the interior of your house looks. But most of the times ill matched carpets make the rooms look dingy and small. Also there are many types of carpets available and one needs to know about them to make the right choice. While buying a carpet you need to know about the weaving pattern, the material used and the color coordination.

There are two types of weaving patterns – loop pile and cut pile. In loop pile, single strands of yarns are pulled through the carpet backing twice, which creates small loops. Berber, cable or sisal are loop pile carpets which are good for places that has high foot fall, like living space, or in shops .Cut pile carpets are made by cutting the loop on the top, which results to a bunch of yarn stand on the carpet. shag, textured, Saxony and velvet or plush are types of cut pile carpets. Cut pile is more durable than loop pile carpet.

Along with the weaving, the fiber is also very important thing. Wool, Acrylic, Nylon and Olefin are the types of fiber used. Among these, wool is the best and most long lasting fiber. It is costly but when you see the result and the comfort you will be satisfied that the cost is worth paying. It has a luxurious rich feel. Acrylic carpeting looks like wool carpet and is also moisture, fade, mildew, crush and stain resistant. Nylon carpet is very durable. Olefin is the cheapest fiber, but is color fast and easy to clean.

As for the color and pattern of the carpet, try to contrast and coordinate it with your wall color. Dark carpets make the room cozy and you can also choose light carpets as nowadays you have stain resistant carpets in the market.

Keep the above details in your mind while buying a carpet and you will never make a wrong choice.


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