Tips To Maintain The Carpet Of Your Home

Your carpets often get stains; bad odor and dents, however there are ways to prevent these problems. Carpet floor fitting ought to be done by experts to prevent early damage. Carpet cleaning and maintenance is done through regular vacuuming, deep cleaning and removing stains. Let’s discuss these procedures in detail:


To clean your carpet you may use carpet sweepers or rakes that remove surface dust. But regular vacuuming prevents the deep abrasion that ruins your carpet. When you use a vacuum make sure to empty the vacuum or change the disposable bags. No one wants a vacuum cleaner leaving dust and dirt particles behind.

Deep cleaning:

Carpets should be deep cleaned with hot water for every 12 months. Deep cleaning involves spraying detergent on the carpet and vacuuming the dirt solution. While deep cleaning never forget to refer the manufacturer’s warranty which was given with the carpet. You may also use deep cleaning equipment.

Stain removal:

To remove the hard stains on your carpet, soak the carpet for 5 minutes in the mixture of detergent and water. After 5 minutes use carpet brush and scrub the stains in different directions. Repeat this process until the stains completely remove. You can also use club soda, nail polish remover made of Amyl Acetate or else use vinegar solution composed of two cups water and one cup white vinegar. Before you apply these solutions to your carpet test them in an inconspicuous area.

Since carpets are a thick fabric it should be vacuumed once in a week and deep cleaned once in a year. Properly maintained carpets last longer and keep allergy causing dusts away.


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