An effective way to prolong the life of carpet: Carpet Washer

Your carpets may look tired and faded in course of time even if you vacuum it regularly. Loose dirt and dust present in the upper layer of carpet can only be removed through vacuuming. A vacuum machine cannot remove the sticky stains or particles and the deeply ingrained oil and dirt. Carpets heavy traffic areas are easily prone to dirt and grime. Dirt gets further embedded into carpet with the increase in number of footsteps in the regular usage area. Muddy shoes as well as pets can make worse the carpet and it gets a worn out look. Vacuuming frequently the heavy traffic areas of carpet can help to remove the loose dirt and dust, but dirt’s that are deeply embedded into the carpet cannot be removed with regular vacuuming and it needs carpet washer to deep clean it. A mixture of water and detergent is used by carpet washers to suck out and loosen the hardened dirt present inside the carpet. These carpet washers look alike an ordinary vacuum and are simple to use. They are available in both canister and upright models; it has to be passed over the carpet or floor that has to be cleaned. One pass cleans the carpet with detergent and water while the other sucks it back with dirt out of the carpet. Professional Carpet Cleaner Carpet washers are a worthwhile investment and cost almost equal to the price of a traditional vacuum cleaner; you can easily clean it once a week or as per your need. The money you invest on a carpet washer prolongs the life of your carpet and saves money from buying a new carpet. If you’re not interested in buying a carpet washer, you can contract or hire a professional cleaner so as to maintain your carpet as good as new forever.


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