For each and every one of us, our house is our own personalized heaven. We take all the care to ensure that this shelter is at its best. A lot of time and consideration goes into designing and decorating the house. People are very keen on having the best furniture and decor in the house but amidst all this a very important thing is excluded and that is the carpet. Carpet is to the floor like paint is to the wall. It adds to the aesthetic appeal as well as act as a protective for the crucial flooring. One needs to keep in mind a lot of things while finalizing a carpet; we can suggest a few here.

First and the foremost thing are to consider the carpeting area. How busy that area is? The busiest areas of the house are the living room and the hallway. If you are choosing a carpet for these areas, then make sure that the carpet is very sturdy. Since these areas see a lot of movement, also choose the colour carefully so that the carpets don’t look murky easily. For areas like bedroom you can go for a carpet that is soft and has a warm colour.

The second thing that needs to be considered is dealing with stains. This is the most irritating asset of a carpet, the ability to get stained. Some material get stained very easily i.e. the stains penetrate deep into it. Hence, make sure that the material that you choose is stain resistant especially if you have kids on the run. It might cost a little more than the usual carpet but it sure cuts down on the maintenance cost in the long run. Stain free property also is essential if there are pets in the house. Pet often urinate on the carpet that leaves nasty stains behind.

The carpet design also determines the life and effectiveness of a carpet. Material like wool is very expensive but it gives the carpet a long life while polyester and nylon are cost effective and sturdy if chosen wisely. A plain plush textured carpet is easy to clean as it does not hold onto the dirt whereas a hairy designer carpet looks elegant but acts as a magnet for dirt and dust. Try to go for an appropriate design depending upon the area you have to cover.

Another important thing that one needs to consider while laying down the carpet is the carpet padding. A lot of people completely ignore this crucial step that lays the foundation of your carpet. A carpet padding acts as a support for the carpet and thus extends its longevity. For a regular household one should go for at least a 6 LB pad. Also keep in mind that the thicker the pad the stiffer it will become. Hence, have a balance between thickness and softness so that you get a perfect blend of strength and comfort.

These are just a few basic tips that can help you in determining the type of carpet that would suit your needs.


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