Effective tips for carpet maintenance

We all love to add an aesthetic appeal to our humble abodes. From class furnitures to impressive paintings and artistry, we do not leave any stone unturned for beautifying our houses. While they do serve the purpose, they also demand a lot of maintenance and care. One of the biggest nightmares for home makers is maintaining a  carpet. These fabrics are very notorious in nature and can give you a real hard time if you do not know how go about with it. It takes some level of understanding to be able to maintain your carpet effectively. A good hand at work can increase the life of the carpet and also its effectiveness. Carpet maintenance can be done easily if you know these few basic tips. Following these on a regular basis will definitely allow your house to have a clean and fresh carpet throughout the year.

  • The first thing that every carpet owner needs to have is a vacuum cleaner. It is very important the one vacuum cleans the carpet at least once a week especially if the carpet is in a busy area. Vacuum picks up even the finest dirt particle from the carpet fibres. If dirt and grim is not picked up from the surface, it would reach the base layers. It is very difficult to remove the particles from the base layers and their gradual accumulation gives the entire carpet a dirty and murky look. Hence, clean your carpet every week with a strong vacuum.
  • The second most irritating problem that one faces while dealing with a carpet is stains. Carpets have a tendency to get stained easily as they are absorbent in nature. Thus, the staining liquid or dye often ends up penetrating deep into the fibres. The best way to avoid staining is to immediately clean the culprit off. Coffee, tea, blood, urine, even wine etc. are capable of leaving the hardest stains on the carpet. Use a non soapy spot cleaner on fresh spots and you will be able to keep the carpet spotless for a long time.
  • Odour is another common issue with the carpets. These start stinking when the dirt, grim, soil , moisture etc. have stayed there for a considerable time. The carpets start stinking in a very disagreeable way. If you have pets in the house who frequently urinate on the carpets, then this odour can be brutal. The only solution is to get the carpet cleaned. If the carpet stinks in spite of being cleaned then it could be due to a bacterial infestation. You need to get deodorising agents that can do the needful.
  • A carpet needs to get a thorough, professional clean up at least once in two years. If the carpet is in a very busy area, then you must get it cleaned every year. Hire those professionals who do not rely on water based and strong soap based cleaners as these tend to harm the carpet. Look for the ones who use green chemicals for cleaning that leave the carpet dry in just a few hours.

These are just a few basic tips that have proven to be effective in maintaining carpets. Always follow the advise given by the carpet manufacturer and the professional cleaners if you want your carpet to enjoy a long life.


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